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Massage to Your Door

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How it Works

Step 1

Schedule your massage online with our quick and easy online booking system or by calling us at (863) 840-5016

Step 2

One of our trained therapists will arrive at your location with everything needed for your massage.

Step 3

You will be given a massage tailored to your needs and wishes.


Once you’ve booked with us, we will send notifications to your massage therapist, management and a confirmation will be sent to you also! Your massage therapist will bring everything with them. When they arrive they will set up the massage table and special lotions. Then they will wash up in your restroom while you undress to your comfort level and slide between the sheets. Your modesty will always be protected. Relax and enjoy!

We usually start face down because most people have a lot of tension in their back and then turn over during the appointment. But this is your massage. We will respect your wishes.

Yes. And we will provide a much needed source of relief. As a precaution, our therapists avoid certain trigger points and focus on tension in the muscles to help relieve pain and stress.

When your therapist is all setup, they will usually ask to wash their hands before they start. There will be two sheets on the table. You will undress to whatever your comfort level is and slip in-between the sheets. The therapist will return and begin. The therapist is required to keep you covered and carefully perform your massage without you having to worry about any accidental exposure.

We'd be happy to answer any additional questions you may have! Please contact us at (863) 840-5016

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