Hotel Room Massage

In Hotel Room Massage from a Professional Head 2 Toes Massage Therapist?

When you choose eQuality Massage you will be visited by a trained professional. They work with the most demanding of professionals, celebrities and those expecting quality from an in Hotel Room Massage. Your therapist will be in uniform, carrying their state license and providing the highest quality massage tables and lotions available. of course, all for your comfort and to improve your experience. All of our therapists are the ‘Best of the Best‘. They are paid more than any other therapist in the area because they are vetted and obligated to protecting your privacy.

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To treat yourself to the ultimate luxury that will enhance your stay. By allowing your body to relax and get rid of stress and pain, you will enjoy everything else Las Vegas has to offer far more. Better than if you stay all tense and in knots.


What To Expect When Your Therapist Arrives?


Who will come to your room?

When you hear a knock at the door, it will be a uniformed and licensed professional. They will bring a high quality massage table, luxury sheets and the finest lotions with them. They will also carry their license on them (State Law).

Will you have to undress?

When your therapist is all setup, they will usually ask to wash their hands before they start. There will be two sheets on the table. You will undress to whatever your comfort level is and slip in-between the sheets. The therapist will return and begin. The therapist is required to keep you covered and carefully perform your massage without you having to worry about any accidental exposure. It is there number one priority to keep you comfortable and relaxed. At the end of the massage the therapist will again ask to wash up. At that time you may wish to put on a robe, get dressed or just slip into bed and enjoy how you feel. They will pack up, thank you and offer a way to follow up to be sure you are happy and answer any questions you may have.